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If you are reading this, you may well be aware of the secrets within secrets.  Or perhaps you have stumbled upon this journal by accident.  In either case, you are part of the story now.  Step a little closer.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Quest for the Golden Prim is Relaunching!

You can find out more about our relaunch at the Fantasy Faire and, to start you off, here is a story ...
"Dear Frankie
There is new information regarding our expedition. We would like to engage your services once again.
Please meet us, at the Explorers’ Club, Lotus Valley Dream, Fairelands. We will be studying the scientific nature of the Fairelands phenomena and will be staying at the club for about a week from the 20th April.
Please come.

Professor McMinn, Dr Wirefly and Miss Primm"

Diary entry 21st April, 11am
I should probably have just burned the blasted card, but I'm somehow still somewhat intrigued by this whole group of haphazard adventurers and, needless to say, I could do with the work. So I kept the card, but moreover, I kept the appointment and now I find myself sat in the Explorers' club. I arrived last night and so far there has been no sign of the three signatories. I'm not yet sure if I'm worried, it's a bit too early, they are academics after all, and not renowned for their punctuality or reliability. I think I'll save the worrying until after lunch.

Diary Entry 21st April, 2pm
Still no sign of my learned friends. Far too smart to have brought a map between them no doubt. But now I am beginning to get worried. Last night I felt sure I glimpsed Lady Copperhead here. Trouble is never far behind that one, and then at lunch I would swear I saw her companion here too. I really don't like the way this is starting to look.

Diary Entry 21st April, 4pm
I can't wait here any longer. My head is telling me to get out of Fairelands and forget it all, but they are here somewhere, I am sure. So I've decided to go out and find them, but I've left a note with the card so that if they do arrive they'll know to wait here. It is hard to know what to say. I cannot be too explicit because I have no idea who to trust here and my only choice is to leave this somewhere conspicuous.

"Dear three,
I arrived on schedule to find nobody here. I have waited long enough and will now begin to search for you. When you see this, do not leave, get rooms and stay there.

Visit the Explorers' Club (Oriental Branch) at the Faire to learn more ...

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