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Friday, January 29, 2010

Vote for your favourite web comic (not counting us though)

Comics Riff on the Washington Post are having a poll on the best web comic of the last decade. Three of OUR favourites made the nomination list: - the incomparable Girl Genius, the effortlessly engaging Kevin and Kell, and the invariably shrewd xkcd. You can check them out from the list to the right of this panel (and we're always looking for more to add, so send us your suggestions).

But why, I hear you cry, no Quest for the Golden Prim? Well, we are a veritable newbie in the world of web comics, still shaking off the shards from the egg and fluffing out our downy feathers. But with your help and support (and promoting the Quest to all your friends, linking to it from your blog, website, Facebook, twitters and plurks) we will get there!

In the mean-time ... why not vote for your favourite (apart, of course, from us). Thanks to the Wonders of the Web, you can do it right here!

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