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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lola stars in Machinima!

We knew it was just a question of time before Lola found fame beyond The Quest for the Golden Prim. And now the charismatic beagle is starring in a machinima!

Yes, Lola, Nan's beloved beagle in The Quest for the Golden Prim, is a film star with a machinima currently on You-Tube -

She appears in a film made for the Finnish Broadcasting Company by Finnish Education in Second Life - created with the help of Yolanda Hirvi (the avatar who plays Lola), who designed the haunted house scene in the machinima.

The dialogue is currently just in Finnish (Lola - and Yolanda's - native language). We'll let you know if a subtitled version (in English) becomes available.

You can visit the Haunted House at: - and you can follow Lola's further adventures in The Quest for the Golden Prim!

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